CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail™

What is CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail™?

Imagine taking the best ingredients and just the right quantities, from each of the major food groups. You plate them together to create a recipe that changes the way you look and feel about everything you eat. Now imagine what could happen if you did this with different therapy treatments. How powerful would the sessions be? This is CTC.

Let go of the past. Live for the present

CTC takes the modalities of neurolinguistics programming, hypnosis, reiki, emotional freedom technique (EFT), Metaphysical Healing and meditation and combines them in the right order and the right amounts to heal the body, mind and spirit concurrently, during the one session.

The reason CTC is so powerful, is that it targets the root causes of the limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears and phobias, that are holding you back. Throughout your life, there have been events that have had a continued, negative effect on your mental and emotional health and well-being. In order to protect you from perceived danger, your brain has created patterns of behaviour that may no longer serve you. CTC allows you to find the source of those patterns, acknowledge them and set them free. In doing so, you feel lighter, empowered and motivated to continue your journey of healing and discovery.

Who would benefit from CTC?

CTC has been used to successfully treat:

  • Fears and phobias including: public speaking, heights, confined areas, spiders, snakes and insects
  • Insecurities and feelings of not being good enough
  • Addictions: smoking, alcohol, gambling
  • Weight related issues: emotional eating, sugar addiction
  • Mental health issues: anxiety, depression, eating disorders
  • Negative emotions: anger, resentment, frustration, lack of forgiveness
  • Freedom of past issues and limiting beliefs
  • Balance in Mind, Body and Spirit
  • style=”text-transform: capitalize; margin-top: 20px;”>Intensive Breakthrough CTC Session

    This consultation will last for 2.5 hours and sets the foundations for future therapy sessions.

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