Reiki Workshops

Learn the simple, but powerful force of reiki

Take your interest in reiki to a new level with my Heartfelt Reiki Workshops. As a practice, it is something that stays with you for life. Able to be used on yourself, or on others, this is a gift to hold on to and to share. These Sydney based workshops, will help connect your mind and spirit to deliver inner peace and balance.

Heartfelt Reiki 1 Workshop

Held over 2 days, students are taught the history of Reiki and shown the hand positions for both self-healing and the healing of others. Usually held on a weekend, this course also covers an introduction to chakras and discusses the emotional causes of illness. Students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the weekend and time is spent sharing reiki treatments. Students are given 4 attunements across the weekend for practical experience. As reiki does not deplete your personal energy, it is a very ‘hands on’ workshop that leaves participants feeling confident in their abilities to continue practising after the weekend.

Reiki 1 workshop is $250 2 day workshop from 9.30-4.00 both days Tea coffee and light refreshments are available plus the Reiki and Chakra workbooks are provided, Chakra crystals and a Certificate is given at the end of the workshop

Heartfelt Reiki 2 Workshop

This continuation from Heartfelt Reiki 1 sees students taught the 3 sacred symbols that allow reiki to be sent to anyone at a distance; anywhere at any time. Students are given an attunement and there is a strong focus on their personal awareness and healing.

After a Reiki session with me a spiritual mentoring session is included where I talk to the client about what blockages they had and I then give guidance on how to move forward from these emotional blocks and be happier and more at peace. I use my intuition and many years of experience to pick up on these blockages and give guidance in living a happier more balanced life.

Reiki 2 workshop is $350 2 day workshop from 9.30-4.00 both days Tea, coffee and light refreshments are provided and a Certificate is given at the end of the two day workshop
A 1 hour Reiki session is $120.
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