I really am so fortunate to have visited Christine. I was going through a very emotional roller coaster in my life. I had past issues that were deeply engrained and caused me a lot of trauma. Due to that I struggled with relationships and couldn’t cut chords with men that I felt deeply connected to. Every day was a constant battle with feelings of hopelessness, immense amount of tears, illness, and desperation. I just couldn’t move forward. It wasn’t until I stumbled across Christine’s website advert on Facebook that caught my eye.

As soon as I met her I could feel the warmth and amazing personality she had. We went through all my issues and she listened very attentively.

After my CTC session was over I felt the whole world that was on my shoulders being lifted off. I felt much much lighter from my burdens and I could finally feel FREE!

I just couldn’t believe that after one session that I could feel so different.
The changes that I have made since my session is that I meditate and remember the advice that Christine gave me. Her help has added great value to my life.

I am now able to be in Healthy relationships and know my worth! Christine is highly recommended to anyone who is stuck in their life!!