I was treated by Christine on the 15th of December 2017.

Christine was very thorough with pin pointing all my issues.

She took her time understanding and treating each one of those issues without any pushing or coercion , she spent four hours with me.

I felt at ease with Christine and I was able to trust her with my deepest feelings, fears and concerns.

I was able to release my controlling behaviour, by controlling I mean that I had a need to know of what an outcome of certain situations will be thus having to micromanage every aspect of my life, which, as you can imagine, was very exhausting.

She helped me to allow myself to let go of issues I didn’t have control of and to be in the present of a situation and not trying to control it.

I was also very sceptical about following a long life dream of mine with fear of not being good enough, smart enough or ever being capable of somehow putting it together. I am now pursuing that dream and am very confidant in myself and my capabilities.

I no longer make excuses of NOT following that dream and additional things I want to do and learn.

Its nearing four months since I had the treatment and I’m experiencing the effects more now than when I first had it done.

I am looking forward to the entire outcome of the treatment which for me has been and will be a life changer.


Thank you Christine

Chrystalla ,