Before meeting Christine i was a new mum.

Feeling lonely, isolated, lost, confused and angry at the world.

I meet Christine at a heal documentary presentation evening. There were 12 spiritual healers at the event. Not knowing which one to speak to i let myself be guided to where i felt the most positive energy. This lead me to Christine.

She did a 5 min reading on me. This woman didnt even know my name and yet she was spot on with everything. I was so amazed!!! Who was this lady! I had to know more so i booked into have a reiki session.

Christine guided me through the whole process. She is very calm and her energy is so positive. (You walk away feeling inspired and so happy)

The session went for 1 hour and she gave me a more indepth reading afterwards. I was completly blown away with that session. She was spot on right again. It was here i developed my deep interest for crystals and walked away with the tools i needed to start turning my life around.

Christine suggested i try CTC. Feeling a little hesitant at first, was the price to high, was it going to be a waste of time and money, would it work etc?

Anyway i decided to give it a try and it was the best thing ive ever done.

Here a some of things i got from doing CTC

  • work life improved
  • feelings of isolation, loneliness and scared disappeared
  • Christine helped remove childhood trauma that was holding me back in life
  • my anger and sadness gone
  • relationships around me improved
  • i have a love for myself and every other being on this planet
  • im a better mum to my baby
  • i have so much hope, potential and positive outlook for the future
  • i feel happy
  • my passion / interests are back and i know what i want out of life.

My life before meeting christine was dull and a massive thankyou to Christine, my life is now full of rainbows and sunshine.

Without a doubt (i have) and would recommend christine to anyone looking to try alternative therapies.

Christine is always there to help even out of therapy time. Which shows she genuinely cares and is not just there for the money.

Sending lots of love and peace.

Thankyou Christine ❤

Lisa ,