Before working with Christine I had reached the point in my life where I’d had enough of the crap life was throwing at me. I know there are people far worse off than me and I know if you are religious you are given a cross to bear that you can carry. I had just felt that God hadn’t received my memo /email / text / voicemail message that I wasn’t coping. I was crawling and trying to drag the crosses with me and the burdens of my own demons. I just felt lost.

A neighbour of mine referred Christine and as I was not new to this form of healing, I happily went. Everything happens for a reason and this was certainly one of those. As we all experience drama in work, love and life, Christine worked with me using a variety of techniques to guide me, heal the obvious issues but also the underlying issues that were locked away, unaware that they were there and restore my faith in myself.

The range of sessions that I had included,  Reiki which I desperately needed to restore my balance as I was unable to do this on my own. I had some sessions to help with direction and guidance. Once I felt balance and supported, I felt it was the right time to have a session of CTC. I had previously heard of this but had not felt the need for it. My session brought out a very surprising epiphany into the person I am and the influence that my father has had on me and how that has affected the relationships that I have had with partners and also with people in authority positions. I was already aware of a very small aspect of this however this brought everything out and showed me the clarity of it all.

A major demon I had been dealing with for 13 years was trying to forgive myself for making a mistake, marrying a man I knew was wrong for me, that I did not love in the way love was meant to be. I kept beating myself up as I knew I should not have gone ahead, there was no gun held to me that I had to in fact it was the other way round but for some sickening reason I went ahead. Christine helped me to finally let go, to forgive myself for doing that, I now can finally feel free.

This process went for a few months with about 4 or 5 sessions. I feel grateful for now having Christine in my life, we all have our doctors, solicitors and other important people in our lives that we also go to, Christine is one of them but the difference is, even without the session, just being in her presence brings you calm in such an amazing way. I would happily just want to pop over and stand with her for 5 mins and leave knowing her energy her being has brought me peace. Christine needs to be bottled J

Christine is my balancer, my peacemaker, but above all that she is a wonderful and beautiful soul and I would highly recommend her to anyone.