My life seemed chaotic , stressful and not going where I intended , it almost felt like I was off track. There was guilt, frustration , pain from the past and not much direction.
So I decided to book in for a CTC Session and at that stage I felt like I needed a life changing miracle to happen.

My session was mind blowing and very intense because It made me feel like I was holding onto issues from 10-20 years ago and they were being released . There was a lot of crying and laughter in the session, which was perfect at the time. Christine was so patient with me during the process as some emotional issues were very persistent and hard to clear , but by the end of the session I walked over and looked at myself in the mirror and saw how my skin looked, it was clear , bright and glowing. I will never forget walking out of the treatment room and how light and amazing I felt, it was almost like was on a high but a high that I knew would last and so it did for months and months. My life started changing in so many ways, I could think more clearly , I felt a sense of peacefulness , and had so much clarity . I felt like calling Christine everyday and saying thank you for changing my life. I think we all need some help sometimes and my energy shifted so much and I will be eternally grateful for Christine’s wisdom and talent!!!!!