I first heard about Christine and CTC therapy through a close friend. At the time I was under a great deal of stress, my energy levels were low and I had severe swelling in my right hand which was painful and unsightly. I sought medical advice from two doctors who could not find anything physically wrong. I decided to try other alternatives  and booked in a consultation with Christine.  I was slightly nervous at first,  but her warm and friendly manner put me right at ease. We discussed options for treatment and decided what was best to suit my situation. After two sessions the swelling and pain in my hand completely disappeared. Not only was she able to treat my physical condition, she also addressed what was causing it, anxiety and stress. Throughout our sessions, which were very relaxing, we delved into unresolved issues from my past as well as what was causing stress and anxiety in my daily life. I’d just accepted a high pressured job and I was having difficulty in adjusting to the new tasks. I always dreaded public speaking and my new role required I do this regularly. Christine taught me some coping techniques to apply before addressing a room full of people. I use these techniques not only at work, but whenever I felt stressed or anxious. Her sessions were very effective and the knowledge she gave me was invaluable. A couple of months on and I feel lighter, re-energized and I’m enjoying my job and life in general. I feel positive, motivated and in control. I would strongly recommend Christine and CTC therapy to anyone.