The CTC session I had with Christine was much needed. I was in a place of confusion and unaware of my direction moving forward. I held a lot of angst of what I was to expect.from life, what it next hand me.

Christine guided me to release the depth of these emotions that were not serving me, bringing me back to my centre and highest truth.

She worked with me to release a lot of the beliefs I was holding on to that were limiting my experience of the world. She helped me to bring me back to an energy that breathed life.

I was a little sceptical after the session and the effects it would have to enhance my reality. Because some of my major beliefs were dissolved, my mind took a couple weeks to catch up to what changes were made on a cellular level.

Thereafter, I was offered opportunities for work that I hadn’t  even applied for. I envisaged all the detail I wished to create questioning the possibility, but it arrived in my hands. My love life took a very different and memorable corner of change.

I am forever grateful for the two areas of my life I was feeling as though I could never really get on top of. Christine and the angels handiwork, I have to thank.

Lots of love,