Reiki has been such a blessing for me in my life. I initially had no idea about and had never heard of it before Christine introduced me to it. I had great trust in her skill and ability from simply conversing with her. My first session was an extraordinary experience. I never felt so calm and at peace, especially with a mind that is constantly racing. I became a repeat client with Christine perfomring Reiki for me. A lot of the time it was to focus on clearing my negative energy, and bringing me back to my centre to be balanced, which it did. Yet, it offered so much more. I’ve had the most life-changing messages come through the sessions, that without them, I would be experiencing such a different life path. The sessions helped me heal my phsical illnesses (which I had never divulged to anyone) yet, somehow then angels guided to Christine to work on those areas.

I am forever grateful for what Christine has offered me and chanelled for me to release, and rise to a path I had always craved.