I have been a client of Christine’s since 2010 for reiki and guidance. she has always been professional, personable and intuitive. Her warm presence allows you to feel comfortable to open up and discuss issues that she was able to tune in on through the session. Almost a year ago I had a CTC session with Christine and Looking back I have noticed that my life has finally fallen into place and feel that I’m on track to where I have always wanted to be. The vision board that Christine recommended me to develop was a fantastic idea, it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. The CTC session has assisted me with letting go of trying to control outcomes, lowering the resistant wall I had built around me and most importantly to go with the flow. I always thought I was communicating with my angels but felt I wasn’t able to sense their guidance when I would need it most. As time has gone by I’m now able to open up and communicate with my angels with a clear and intuitive mindset without getting frustrated over life obstacles and outcomes where I had in the past.